Web applications dynamic functional prototyping

Based on business requirements, printed forms and report forms, a ready-made application is created to test the functionality via web application constructor. As a result, the customer receives:

  • web access to the working functional prototype of the web application
  • database model
  • model of access rights
  • Interface model
  • a list of not implemented functions and a difference from a real web application.

The customer actually receives a minimum viable product (MVP)

  • reducing the risks of not matching functionality with business requirements
  • control over the budget and the possibility of obtaining a fixed price for web application
  • time control
  • saving money and time for the project
  • increase the level of mutual understanding between the customer and the developer
  • decrease the conflict of the project process
  • reducing the risks of project failure
  • more accurate assessment of the development budget
  • more accurate evaluation of the development time

If there is no prototype of the web application - programmers can will do the wrong thing.

Order the development of a application prototype or web application for a fixed price

The process of developing web applications using functional prototypes

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