Personal area for web site

“Personal area for web site” is a web application dynamic functional prototype for communication between user and managers of the site. It's work as web interface to database with work flow. Can used as simple help desk for web-site.

  • User registration: All users go via registration on web server. Root of the server give rights to mangers of the site for reply to user appeals and send appeals to users.Registration user on server
  • User appeal: Users and managers can exchange by text messages and files.Appeal of user from personal area
  • Response from manager of the site: Response also can have text messages and files. Access rights for reply to user appeals belong only to site managers. Root of the site give this rights to managers.Response from manager of the site to user
  • New appeal: Register user can send appeal to site manager.
  • Appeals history:Users can view opened and closed appeals.Open appeals
  • New appeals from users in personal areal:Managers of the site can view user appeals, reply and change state of appeal by work-flow.New appeals from users in personal area
  • List of registered users : User mangers can view list of registered users, history of appeals of each user, edit info about users and send appeal to user.

Appeal of the user can have three state:

  • On user side
  • On administration side
  • Closed

Work flow of user appeal in personal area New appeal from user created on “Administration side” state. New appeal fro manager created on “User side” state. Manager can change state of appeal to “User side@ or “Closed” after response.User and manger can reopen closed appeals.

Personal area.Demo version

The approximate cost of developing an application with comparable functionality (two roles, one work flow, one document) is about 25,000 rubles. Application system design included

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