Project tasks management

The dynamic functional prototype of web application “Project tasks management” is system intended for distribution of tasks between project participants and will represent a web interface to the database. Project tasks and participants Project graph

  • Three levels of access rights: general manager, project manager and project participant.
  • Restricting access to information for project participants between projects
  • Constructing a task dependency graph in the project (necessary Graphviz)
  • Maintain a list of project participants with notes
  • Exchange of text messages and files for the project or tasks between project participants.

Roles and features in project tasks management

For all users with access rights “Main Manager” are available all projects.

Access rights “Main Manager” :

  • Add registered users to the application
  • Create new projects and change their status according to the work flow of the project
  • Adds and removes project members
  • Assign a project manager

For project managers are available all projects and tasks where they are participants.

Project manager access rights:

  • Create tasks in own project
  • Establish dependence between tasks
  • Assign and remove the person responsible for the tasks from project participants
  • Change the state of the task by the task work flow

For project participants are available all tasks in the projects where they are participants. Project participants can change the state of tasks by the task's work flow.

Work flow and access rights "Project"

Work flow and access rights "Project task"

  • Access rights hierarchy  Access rights hierarchy
  • Entity data model  Entity data model
  • Data model with attributes  Data model with attributes
  • Interface model  Interface model

The approximate cost of developing a web interface to a database with comparable functionality (three roles, two interrelated business processes, three documents) is about 60,000 rubles and takes one week.Application system design included.

Demo version

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