Web application development at a fixed price

Development a web application (admin panel, member area, CRM) for fixed price in two steps:

  1. Web application for a fixed price based on the prototype (Yii, Symfony)

 web application development process by fix price

Standard approach to the development of web applications Consequence Approach based on interactive functional prototypes
Work on the basis of specifications Any mistake in the spec(and it is almost impossible to avoid them) comes at the expense of the customer Work based on business requirements. They are formulated in business terms and are understandable to the customer. Technical requirements are trivial in wording.
Work in stages There may be a shortage of the budget for the next stage Work at a fixed cost in two steps
Non-compliance of the designed system with real business needs If alteration of the system is possible, then it is at the expense of the customer Compliance with the requirements of the business is checked on a multi-role and multiuser test of the prototype, which can significantly reduce the risks in the following stages
Customer participation in the work at each stage Great customer effort Two tests by users. Prototype and final application. (depending on the system code review required)
High level of conflict of this type of projects On average, 80% percent of web applications do not go into commercial use The prototype implements the business requirements, the web application implements the prototype. Everything is formally checked
The high cost of IT professionals High project budget The prototype metric makes it possible to estimate the cost of the application as fixed. On average, the expectation is two times lower than the total cost and duration of the project relative to the market.
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